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"A Cena da Te!"

How they arrive and how to prepare them to serve them at the table

The dishes to be heated arrive with the inscription above: to be heated

and will be in containers with 2 compartments, broken down by the sauces and the side dish.

Heat the dish and the side dish separately and then assemble as you see in the photo and cover with its sauce or decoration

  Dishes that must be eaten hot (the first and second courses of meat or fish) must be placed in a hot oven at 180 ° for 2 minutes,

after placing them on the diner's plate.

Only the spaghetti ,

after placing them on the plate, they should be put in a hot oven at 180 ° for 6 minutes, and with a saucepan of hot water next to them so as not to brown them.

But if you do not put the saucepan, they will take a light gratin which gives the dish a special taste!

If you have a microwave, give it 30 seconds at 900W.

The sweets arrive in the container placed on a pastry doily, so you can put them on the diner's plate without ruining the aesthetics

Nb: the containers we use are suitable for food and high temperatures, and can be used in

  • Traditional oven: max. 100 ° C / 15 minutes

  • Microwave oven: max. 800 Watts / 2 minutes maximum

For a culinary emergency, you can write on the chat on the site

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